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Seeking the Sunrise Gems!

by Connie Ong, BAcc (Hons) 1987

I love watching the sunrise. Maybe it's because I am an early riser, or perhaps it's because the sunrise gives me hope that all things' dark' will eventually end. Every new day never fails to bring new 'light' and new beginnings. 

Chasing sunrise is also an excellent way to start an interest in walks if you have not yet done so.  Why? Because it's such a beauty to watch the sunrise that you will feel duly rewarded for your effort.  Also, the sun rises at a set timing every day, so it is easy for you to set a specific goal to wake up to and drive you towards a new habit i.e., walking.  If you prefer to sleep in, you can always shift to watching sunsets that are just as lovely.

In Singapore, the timing of the sunrise and sunset are fixed at around 6.45-7.15am and 6.50-7.20pm daily, so you can't miss them.  Suppose you are going to view the sunrise like me. In that case, January to March and July to August are the most accessible months as the sun rises only after 7am during these months. Aim to be at the venue 10-20 minutes earlier to get the best orange / red colour effects. The same goes for sunsets.

We are lucky that Singapore is an island, and the land is relatively flat.  Even at its highest point, the Bukit Timah summit is only 163.63m high!  This means you can readily view sunrise and sunsets all along the coastal lines and virtually anywhere in the heartlands too.  Let me share with you some places where I watch the sunrise and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Sunrise at the Coasts

Changi Beach Park

To get here, you can park at any of the five car parks along Changi Beach or at the two car parks at Changi Village. You can walk to the beach from the car parks.  The entire beach walk is almost 4km between Changi Village and Changi Ferry Terminal, where car park seven is.

Coney Island

This picture was taken at the bridge at Coney’s east entrance.  Most people leave their cars by the roadside of Lorong Halus jetty and take a short stroll over the Serangoon Reservoir Dam bridge crossing to get here.

Sembawang Park

You can park at car park 1 and walk towards the beach.  The best sunrise view can be seen from the beach and the fishing pier near Beaulieu House.

Woodlands Waterfront Park

This is one of my favourite sunrise spots. Make sure you get there early and go out to the jetty to capture a better view. After the sunrise, don't miss walking by the boardwalk towards the Johor Causeway and enjoy the scenic view there.

Sunrise at your Neighbourhood

Jurong Lake Gardens

This is my favourite heartland spot to view the sunrise.  Go early and make sure you walk along the entire lake as there are many sunrise lookout points there.  My preferred location is at the boardwalk near the north car park, as you saw in the picture above.  If you are taking public transport, stop at Lakeside MRT to access the gardens.

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Best to go via Khatib MRT as this park lies snugly in the Yishun neighbourhood.  Look out for the beautiful reservoir view as your train travels near Khatib from the south.   At the park, you can catch the best sunrise view at the Heritage Bridge jetty. Don’t forget to walk the entire bridge and take many photos.

Upper Pierce Reservoir Park

Best to drive rather than walk via Old Upper Thomson Road. From Casuarina road, turn off to reach this park because the road into the park is dark and not lighted at dawn.  From the car park, walk out to the bridge separating Upper and Lower Peirce for the next sunrise viewing. 

F1 Pit & Benjamin Sheares Bridge

I guess I should remind you not to choose your sunrise viewing location based on which picture you like best above. This is because the sun is the same wherever you view it for that day.  It only differs day to day depending on the cloud formations around it.

If you are lucky to get a hot, cloudless day, you will likely capture the beautiful orangey / red coloured sunrise.

You will also get a picturesque view if you get the right cloud formation that enhances rather than blocks the sunrise.  It takes patience and a bit of luck - but most importantly, just enjoy the walk that comes with it!


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