The Accountancy Wing was set up in 2014 to cater to NUSBSAA Accountancy alumni, of which population has been increasing since NUS started re-offering the Accountancy programme under its Business School. Due to the fact that the programme was brought over to Nanyang Technology University (then National Technological Institute) in 1987, and only restarted in NUS in 2007, there is a significant age difference between our alumni. However, the Accountancy Wing of the NUSBSAA has been able to bridge this gap and foster an ongoing dialogue and exchange between alumni of all ages. And that was achieved through our continuous efforts in creating programmes that are value adding and specifically addressing the needs of our graduates.

Support your Alma Mater!

We invite you, NUS Business School alumni, to either contribute your time engaging with younger alumni and undergraduates, be a speaker, or sponsor suitable conference venues for our Accountancy Wing events. We also need you to be a mentor to students and young alumni participants. Your support is crucial to creating a robust Accountancy alumni community, which will in turn contribute to our business community!

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