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Alexander Koh

BBA Hons, Ms Management, 2017

Alexander graduated from NUS Business School in 2017 with a concurrent degree in Masters of Science (Management) and a Bachelors of Business Administration (1st Class Honours). He remains rooted to his alma mater through the NUS Entrepreneurial Village, connecting aspiring start-ups to illustrious alumni as mentors in their journey. Currently, Alexander is a Management Associate at Ascendas-Singbride where he works on different portfolios across the value chain of the Real Estate business, ranging from Investments to Asset Management to Marketing, to name a few.

Before embarking on his career path, he asked himself if he wanted to be a Generalist or a Specialist, as advised by his mentor. Having set his career direction with that vital question, he knew that he wished to kick-start his career as a Generalist, gaining as much breadth of the industry, and exposure to what the different functions entail.

Having majored in Finance & Marketing, Alexander applied for rotational programmes for management and graduate associates in the Banking & Finance industry. Ascendas-SingBridge was not a front-runner for him then. To him, Real Estate was merely one of the financial asset classes available. This changed when he realised the long-term nature of the asset class (once a building is built, it will probably be on the face of the earth for a few decades minimum).

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