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Astrid Lim

BBA Hons. and Economics (2015)

Just like most undergraduates, Astrid did not have a fixed career goal in her first few years of university where she majored in Business Administration (Honours) and Economics. After trying out different summer and winter internships across different industries, she chanced upon Consulting in her second or third year, which she has since made her career after graduating in 2015. Astrid joined Oliver Wyman as a Consultant in the Singapore office, a reputable management consulting firm, and is currently transiting into an in-house bank strategy role.

After working on a few consulting internships with Spire Research and EY Consulting, her interest in this industry was piqued. She soon accepted the job offer from Oliver Wyman after completing a summer internship with them. So far, she has worked on four overseas projects in total, across different time frames in Sydney, Melbourne, Vietnam and Bangkok. Learning different working cultures across geographies and experiencing first-hand international and regional consulting with clients was a valuable experience. As she grew comfortable with overseas projects, Astrid learned how to deal with logistical challenges that come with frequent overseas travel, such as being away from loved ones, language and cultural barriers etc.

As a global citizen and frequent flyer, she shares, “Every geographic location is different, so it is generally important to plan your resources and schedules carefully, be adaptable, open and respectful to working in different cultures.”

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