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Chan Yi Wen


After graduating from NUS Business School in 2014, Yi Wen did not know that she will end up starting, a marketing platform that matches global companies with digital, marketing and content experts. She only knew that she wanted to combine her passion for creative arts with her education from NUS and past experiences.

When she was younger, Yi Wen was very much a bookworm. She romanticised the thought of being a novelist, and spent most of her formative years volunteering at various writing festivals, sitting in author talks, and trying to glean as much information as she could about what it takes to put together great stories.

When it came to university, she chose NUS Business to marry her passion with practice, and see if anything interesting could grow from this intersection. She took part in the NUS Overseas College (NOC), and had the opportunity to spend a year in Philadelphia as part of the Bio Valley programme. There, she continued expanding her interests, writing in the college newspaper, attending writing events, and participating in hackathons and start-up weekends at the same time. Upon returning to Singapore, she continued down this path by interning at The Business Times during her final year and eventually joined them as a full time business journalist. And when the opportunity came to pitch at media start-up accelerator, she jumped right in.

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