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Chen Qijian


For Chen Qijian, finance was a clear-cut choice. Between trading and navigating the market, he has always found excitement in the field. While studying, his interest in various modules such as Commodity Markets helped further his desire to start a career in finance. Chen graduated in 2017 with a BBA and currently works for Morgan Stanley.

His experience at the company actually started through an internship at their Hong Kong office. This experience made him develop an appreciation for the company and specifically their atmosphere. When you are in the interview process for companies, many of them can seem similar, but for him, what was important was the boss, the team, and the culture of the company.

Within Morgan Stanley, Chen primarily does credit sales and sells corporate bonds to investors, which allows companies to have liquidity in their bonds. He credits his internship experience for helping him understand the overall functions of the bank and the day-in and day-out operations of what happens in the office.

Chen secured his position before graduating, which allowed him to enjoy his last year of studies where he organised financial literacy workshops and even took Bahasa as one of his courses. If Chen were to offer up three pieces of advice to any current student, he says,

  1. “Experiment. The opportunity cost of making mistakes in university is extremely low.
  2. Take calculated risks, doing the same things as everyone else won’t yield extraordinary returns.
  3. Make lifelong friends, my university years could be considered the best four years of my life in part due to all the friends that I’ve made. No man is an island.”

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