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Cheung Ho Yeung


After graduating in 2016, Cheung Ho Yeung now works as a Partner Manager at Facebook where he works on growing the China Ads business through Facebook’s partners. Ho Yeung has had experience in Consulting and Innovation Development.

What attracted Ho Yeung to his current position was based around the aspects of learning, personal branding, and the resource accrual. He feels that as long as a job can satisfy at least two of those then it is worth considering. Ho Yeung says, “I believe that we must strike a balance and compromise in whichever career we choose to embark on as well as ensure that it fits our preferences and needs at the given moment.”

During his time at university, Ho Yeung participated in NUS Overseas College where he spent a year in Silicon Valley. He believes that it is important for undergraduates to adopt a more open mindset that is willing to learn and try new things in order to expand their knowledge on the various possible career paths open to them. He says, “You must be willing to be agile and take risks in the early stages of learning process to truly understand the different industries and find the best fit for industries and find the best fit for yourself given your strengths and weaknesses.”

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