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NUS Business School Alumni - BBA 2011

Co-founder & Chief Investment Officer -  Autowealth

Tell us more about yourself and your background

I graduated in 2011 and co-founded a robo-advisor AutoWealth in 2015 with fellow alumnus Noel Lee. I joined NUSBSA in 2016 and was the Chairperson of the NUSBSA Charity Run 2017 & 2018. I enjoy community service, especially when I can put my professional experience and skills into doing good.

When did you start your giving journey? Do you remember your first time? What led you to give to NUSBSA Bursary Fund?

I came from a humble background and struggled financially through my three years of polytechnic studies, studying from the morning to afternoon and working part-time in an alfresco pub atop Mount Faber till 3 am every day. It was a painful experience I wish no one would ever have to go through again. In 2019, Noel & I started the AutoWealth bursary fund. 

Many people give back when they became very successful financially in life. Having a start-up DNA, Noel & I decided to dream big and started the AutoWealth bursary fund even before we reach a million-dollar net worth.

What advice would you give to those who not know where and how to start in Giving?

One doesn’t need to be a millionaire to do good. We can always start with baby steps at our own comfortable pace and way. The spirit of giving is key; the form & manner are secondary. If not now, when? 


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