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 NUS Business School Alumni - BBA 1992   

   Managing Director - Win Advisors

Tell us more about yourself and your background 

I graduated from NUS Business School in 1992 and worked in the banking industry for 5 years before I did a career switch into the financial services industry in 1997.  I started out as a financial advisor and was promoted to management in  my third year.  I built my team from scratch to a multi-million dollar agency and groomed more than 10 leaders in my last 20 years. In 2014, I set up another company, Win Advisors Pte Ltd to help entrepreneurs thrive in the market place.

I have 3 children and my husband is also working with me in my agency. I have limited time as I juggle many roles. I always look forward to our family trips where 5 of us can spend quality moments together.

When did you start your giving journey? Do you remember your first time? 

My giving journey started when I was approached by the Bizad Charity Run (BCR) 2015 to donate a bursary.  Other than helping needy students, I was sold on the tax benefits of donating which I thought to myself "What a way to 'kill 2 birds with 1 stone!"  I reconnected with NUS Business School through this first contribution and was approached to served in BCR 2017 as Head of Sponsorships/ Fundraising.  I was subsequently co-opted into the NUS Business School Alumni Board where I met even more passionate alumnus. Through the increased interaction and new friendships forged, I became more attached to my alma mater and went on further to donate an Endowed Scholarship to bless 2 students each year.

What led you to give to NUSBSA Bursary Fund? 

My father passed away during my JC1 and my mum could hardly make ends meet having to raise 6 children.  Perhaps due to ignorance or lack of social media in the 90s, I never knew about the availability of bursaries and worked various part time jobs to sustain my university fees and basic expenses. It was really tough and I recall I have to skip meals and give up outings with friends to save money.  

Being in a needy situation before, I hope my bursary and scholarship will be able to help alleviate students in the same plight so they may have a more fruitful university experience.

What advice would you give to those who not know where and how to start in Giving?

No one ever becomes poor by giving. Many people are reluctant to give as they feel they become poorer or more disadvantaged after giving. However, we have to understand being able to give is a privilege and some where some how, these good "seeds" planted will come back to you in a different form. I would say I have been blessed abundantly in my life by exercising charity and empathy. As Napoleon Hill quotes "The More You Give, The More Comes Back To You."  In fact giving becomes an habit once you take the first step!


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