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Edward Sim Kok Peng


Despite originally planning on Finance, a question asked by one of Edward Sim Kok Peng’s professors is what led him to Operation Management. A 2016 BBA graduate, Edward is now an Assistant Manager of Customer Experience for RedMart.

During his time at NUS, one of Edward’s professors asked the question, “Who do you think will eventually take over the CEO role in any company? It will be the COO, because he knows everything. Look at Apple and how Tim Cook took over the reins from Steve Jobs.” This is what inspired him to specialise in Operation Management.

The greatest takeaway that Edward gained from NUS was his experience in NOC Beijing. Not only did it help him gain global exposure, but it made him look one step further at his goals and what he wanted to achieve after school. While in NOC Beijing, he was able to work for a management consulting company. Through this, Edward was able to work on a project where two companies merged. This was an eye-opening experience as he was able to observe the cultural challenges that merging the two companies from different places brought.

What led Edward to RedMart was the graduate programme they offered. He was able to join the Operations team and rotate in different departments. The variety helped him understand the backbone of the company and appreciate how all the pieces of the different departments fit together. He is grateful for his current manager and what he has learned from observing him in his role. From looking at situations from a macro perspective, to introducing Edward to key metrics that management looks out for, he has a better understanding of the fact that management should always try and do what is best for the company, despite being not not ideal for its employees.

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