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Ernest Ang


After graduating in 2015, Ernest Ang packed up and moved to Stockholm, Sweden to work in marketing for Husqvarna Group. After a one-year entrepreneurship programme in Stockholm, Ernest knew he wanted to work overseas.

During this stint, Ernest was able to experience the start-up life while gaining exposure to digital marketing and entrepreneurship. This helped him realise that the working style over there was a bit more suitable for him.

Ernest works as a Global Trainee in Digital Brand and Marketing at Husqvarna Group. He worked in Singapore for a bit after NUS, but says “having personal experiences will be important to make an accurate assessment for yourself,” which he credits to helping him realise it was time for a new environment. Ernest really believes that your work environment is crucial to your growth and development because it is where you spend a lot of your time, so this mindset led him to find a new environment in Sweden.

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