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Fadilah Abdul Rahmen Zamawi


For Fadilah, doing some pro-bono consulting work for Conjunct Consulting was what led her to a career in consulting, despite graduating with an Accounting and Business Management degree in 2014.

Although she did not choose a career in accounting, Fadilah reasoned that accounting is an excellent hard skill to have, while Business Management would provide a good balance to the rest of her experience. After she joined Cojunct, she discovered consulting came naturally for her and she was about to learn about problem solving in a structured form and communication with stakeholders.

Fadilah now works at McKinsey & Company as a Junior Associate. She originally joined the team at a Junior Research Analyst which help her build analytical skills and credibility in the work the company does. After interacting more with clients and performing exceptionally on various projects, Fadilah spoke with her managers and partners and they moved her to the consultant track.

Through her experience at McKinsey, Fadilah has learned the value of sticking up for yourself and setting boundaries in a work setting. Also, in team-based work environments, it is so important to find a group of people you look up to, want to work with, and if possible, have similar passions as you. At work, you want people who will be your core support group and invest in your growth.

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