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Frank Koo


After graduating in 1990, Frank Koo has had a variety of experiences at different companies, which have led to his current position at LinkedIn as Head of Talent and Learning Solutions. Frank also gives back to the NUS Business School in his spare time as a volunteer for the Leadership Development Programme.

Frank is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Temasek Polytechnic School of Informatics and IT. Frank started his career at IBM’s Management Associate Programme. Tech was a growing industry at the time and he felt that this role would offer wide exposure and a fast-track into the industry, despite having two other job offers at Citibank and Procter & Gamble. After IBM, Frank spent a decade working at Oracle, then worked for Pearson Education where he was responsible for transforming the business from print to digital and from products to services. Versus trying to “climb the career ladder”, Frank prefers to use the analogy “career in a jungle gym”. You can grow and strengthen your skills when you “swing” from tree to tree – in other words, making career choices and moves. Frank was drawn to Pearson Education and LinkedIn specifically because their missions resonated with him.

After such a colorful career, Frank has gained many insights about working in the corporate world. He strongly believes that a company’s success is to a large extent influenced by its culture and values, and it is also important that the employees embrace these. As a leader, it is also important to remember that what used to work, may not work in the future. You can find mentors everywhere, whether you have met them or not. Koo says, “I believe with digitalisation, we can now learn from many different people who can serve as our “virtual” mentors.”

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