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Fu Yong Hong


Fu Yong Hong spent his university days not only focusing on his studies, but also starting a business. After graduating in 2014, Yong Hong was able to fully dedicate his time to his business, Greendot, where he serves as CEO.

His business partner and childhood friend, Justin, approached him in Year 2 about starting a vegetarian business venture. Yong Hong, although not familiar with cooking, was keen to learn and interested in the idea. What started as a business with four to five employees has grown into one with 150 employees. How did Yong Hong manage to juggle work life with school life? Well, he packed his modules into two days and had courses from 9am-6pm so he could dedicate the other three days to his business.

The road to creating a successful business was not an easy one. Greendot faced many rejections in the beginning due to their lack of experience, but after a successful pitch with Temasek Polytechnic, other institutions started ordering as well based on positive word-of-mouth reviews. Yong Hong sacrificed internships and some of the fun aspects of school life to focus on Greendot. The three partners were the ones who pooled money together for startup capital versus investor funding. Despite the challenges, Fu Yong says, “Ultimately, I am still very inexperienced and am always learning on-the-job. Entrepreneurship is a long lesson to mold me into a better leader.”

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