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Grace Fu


Not only did Grace Fu gain her Bachelors degree in 1985, she went on to get her Masters in 1991. She chose accounting after seeing an advertisement about the many job opportunities in the accountancy industry, and thinking that it was similar to math, she was interested.

Grace is currently the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth. She started her career as an auditor in UOB. This experience helped her understand the banking sector better and she was able to get a solid ground on risk management and internal control. After her undergraduate years and an attachment at PricewaterhouseCoopers, she ultimately decided that auditing was not her cup of tea and she wanted to be more of a frontline person working in business operations.

Initially, Grace’s struggles were more work-specific, but as her career progressed she struggled to maintain a good work-life balance. With her experience transitioning from the private sector to the public sector, she gained plenty of insights. In the public sector, there is not a worry about going to bust the next day, however, in the private sector, decisions may affect the survival of the company. In the public sector, there is a need for greater accountability. Grace says, “Smaller organisations offer speed and agility, but not necessarily stability.”

As a leader, Grace’s style has been influenced by her various life stages. Every experience will help you get to know yourself better. She says, “If you are observant about others, learning never stops. My leadership style involves understanding how people respond around me.” She also values those who have told her what her weaknesses are. She views these peoples are her mentors and believes that pointing out areas where someone is weak is going to benefit them. Grace says, “Affirmation is good for the soul, but criticism is even better for effectiveness.”

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