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Han Chung Heng


Now working as Senior Vice President, Systems at Oracle EMEA & JAPAC, Han Chung Heng spent the first 23 years of his career travelling the world and working at IBM. After graduating in 1992, Han was one of 50 new hires out of 5,000 applicants at the company.

Han’s career has led him to South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Greater China Region, Korea and Japan. During his first few years at IBM, Han took the sales path and was assigned as a channel sales representative and this gave him the opportunity to learn about the go-to-market strategy for volume and SME market. Han was an employee at the time of the 1993 crisis, but used the era as a time to be a part of the transformation and he was determined to work hard and do well.

In 2005, Han, along with his family, moved to Shanghai to work at IBM’s Asia Pacific HQ. When asked about the experience, Han says, “Witnessing the phenomenon growth and transformation of China was amazing, but understanding the culture, the business, the political system, and making friends there was the most fulfilling for me.” His family and he lived in China for six years and lived in both Shanghai and Beijing during that time. After his time there, he had the opportunity to move to a new role based in Singapore which his took.

After 23 years at IBM, Han was ready for something new. When an Oracle executive recruiter called and offered him an opportunity to lead a line of business that covers a larger geographic territory, Han jumped at the position. The change not only pushed him out of his comfort zone, but it gave him a platform to be more agile and the opportunity to see the world in a different perspective. The new role allows him to expand his reach to cover some of the largest markets in Asia, and even some new frontiers.

Reflecting back on his career, Han’s three most impactful moments were:

  1. At IBM, when he was one of the few fresh graduate hires to get promoted to manager in just five years.
  2. When he was leading the Line of Business Unit in China and he had to turn around the business that was in decline.
  3. Making the jump to Oracle. Stepping out of his comfort zone was a tough decision and many people doubted that he would survive more than six months, but three years later and Han is the most senior Oracle executive based in Singapore, and in fact is the most senior Singaporean in the Oracle Corporation.

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