The National University of Singapore Business School Alumni Association (NUSBSAA) was founded in 2000 by a group of NUS Business School graduates who are passionate about the alumni cause. NUSBSA has since grown from its 20 founding members to one that currently comprises of more than 3,000 members.Among our members are prominent business leaders such as Ms Janet Ang (Managing Director, IBM), Mr Hsieh Fu Hua (Chairman, UOB), Mr David Lim (former Group President and CEO, NOL), Mr Peter Koh (CEO and Managing Direct, Citiprop), Mr Howie Lau (Executive Director & General Manager, Lenovo ASEAN), Mr Benny Koh (Head of Treasury, Temasek Holdings).The depth and diversity of our members enable us to reach out and impact a variety of business communities and industries across a global arena.


To serve as the central body for alumni of the NUS Business School to connect with each other and reconnect with the school so as to be able to impact Singapore’s business community.


  1. To provide a recognised means of communication and to establish rapport between the Association, NUS Business School, and the National University of Singapore (NUS)
  2. To encourage and organise educational, social, and civic activities for members to learn, give back to community and pass on their experience
  3. To promote interaction between the Association, business communities and the school, including the facilitation of partnerships and discussions to make a difference to the business world.