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Past Events : 2013

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NUSBSA Youth Connexxion 2013

4 September 2013

It was a special occasion for the participants. Guest-of-honour, Mr Yeo Keng Joon, started the event with an inspiring speech on the value of networking and the importance of giving back to the school and community. Founder President of the NUS Business School Alumni Association and a member of NUS Alumni Advisory Board, Mr Yeo actively contributes to the community and serves as an ideal role model for both the students and the participating alumni.

Subsequently, alumni and undergraduates were broken up into smaller groups according to their industry interests and specialization. The alumni shared about their workplace experiences with much fervor, and took questions that were posed by the students after their sharing. It was an immensely fruitful session, with both alumni and undergraduates benefiting from the experience: Alumni had the opportunity to network with other alumni in the industry, and undergraduates managed to gain invaluable industry advice from their seniors in the industry.

After the networking session, Ng Wee Hao, the organizer for BSA Youth Connexxion 2013, concluded the night with a speech that highlighted the enthusiasm of the participants for the night and rallied for greater support for the next Connexxion event. NUSBSA Youth Connexxion continues to be an event which gives students and alumni the opportunity to build up their networks and strengthen the community within the school.