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Past Events : 2013

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SAS-NUSBSA CEO Breakfast Talk Series: Building a 21st Century Hospital & Health Care Delivery

19 January 2013

NUS Business School Alumni were treated to a highly informative and entertaining talk by Mr Liak Teng Lit (MBA 1991), Group Chief Executive Officer, Alexandra Health, at Grand Park City Hall Hotel on January 18, 2013.

Mr Liak eloquently presented his audience with Alexandra Health's vision for the future of healthcare in Singapore. As he introduced Khoo Teck Puat Hospital as a model healthcare institution for the 21st century, holistically designed to promote environmental protection and to put the patient at the center of care, he warned that how we look at healthcare in general had to change if we were to meet the population's healthcare needs in the future.

With an aging population and the rising burden on healthcare due to increased incidence of lifestyle diseases such as heart disease and diabetes linked to obesity, Mr Liak called for a shift in focus away from treatment of disease to an increased focus on prevention - in other words, healthcare in its true sense.

Mr Liak summed up his talk with the need to Think Big, Dig Deep, Start Small and Act Fast, before taking questions from the floor. The event proved popular with the audience with many alumni saying they would come to more of the same.