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Past Events : 2014

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NUS Bizad Charity Run 2014

11 January 2014

A major annual event to kick-off a new year, NUS Bizad Charity Run 2014 on 11 January brought the School community together to raise funds for student bursaries and two external charities: Camp Vision, that serves and empowers underprivileged, at-risk youths in Singapore; and the Casa Raudha women's shelter. This year's event, the biggest run ever, saw more than 1,000 runners coming together to raise S$130,000 in donations, which exceeded the original target of $100,000.

Equally important, this annual event - the forth in its series - has continued to help build a stronger Business School community spirit among its alumni, students and other partners, and show the spirit of caring for the community. As an excited Camp Vision high school student Mohd Shazwar Bin Nur shared, "I've come here to support our charity and run for the young kids. This is my first time running and I look forward to testing my own stamina and health. I believe one should never give up in life and keep going, so my personal goal is to finish first in the 5K run," and he was among the first 50 to finish the fun run.

This year's event was graced by our 2013 Eminent Business Alumni award winner Mr Yam Ah Mee as the guest of honour. Mr Yam, an MBA Alum from 1991, also joined in the spirit of events by gamely taking part in the 5K run. "It's really wonderful to come back and participate in a charity event like this," he told Outside-In. "I understand that the run has raised much more in donations than its initial target. Kudos to the team! I strongly encourage all alumni and their friends to participate next year and break even more records, as this is for a very noble cause."

Moreover, this event was organised by the NUS Business School Alumni Association and students from the Bizad Club, who for many this was the first time being involved in such a large scale event. There were many first time supporters of this event as well this year. One example were runners from the Running Society, many of whom who were foreigners and first time visiting our Business School. One of these members, a Singaporean based in Sydney, who has managed large scale running events in Sydney for up to 85000 runners, has even offered to be our pro bono consultant for our next year's event.

Race day also had some inspiring moments. The oldest alumni participant, Mr Chan Meng Hui, who turned 84 in January, ran in the 10K race. Mohammed Shariff, better known as the 'Singapore blade runner' - he was born without a left foot - also took part in the 10K run for the second consecutive year. Both of these gentlemen are living testaments to the alumni and community spirit of NUS Business School, and that you can defy all odds in life through passion and perseverance.

Care and teamwork are two of the School's core values and the NUS Bizad Charity Run started out with one simple goal: raise funds for the needy to give back to the community. But over the years, the event has not only accomplished that goal, it also unites and inspires the School community to make a larger impact each year.

As aptly summed up by Mr Simon Phua, President of the NUS Business School Alumni Association, "This event provides a good platform for alumni to do their bit for their fellow students and the community. We are proud of our past record and hope to keep this tradition of giving back going and growing."

We continue to look forward to future runs and events that will help the School build stronger bonds among its community and partners.