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The Accountancy Wing was set up to cater to the growing pool of BSA Accountancy Alumni, since NUS started reoffering the Accountancy programme within the Business School. As a degree programme that was brought over to NTU (then NTI) in 1987, and restarted in 2007 in NUS, there is a wide age difference between our alumni. However, the Accountancy Wing of the BSAA has been able to bridge this gap and help foster an ongoing dialogue and exchange between the younger and older alumni through our continuous efforts to create programmes that are specific and value adding to our graduates.

Support your Alma Mater!

We invite invite alumni to either contribute their time to engage younger alumni, undergraduates, be a speaker, or to sponsor our Accountancy Wing events. We need your support for meals and refreshments for students and young alumni participants, as well as some marketing collaterals and logistics items for the events. Your support will create a more robust Accountancy Alumni community that will be able to do more for our society!

Do fill in the form below should you be interested in being a part of the Accountancy alumni family!

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