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NUSBSA Youth Connexxion



Our NUSBSA Youth Initiative  

Our Vision: We aspire to be the Harvard of Asia 

In Harvard, alumni extend a helping hand to students, and both alumni and student take great pride in our Alma Mater which is why we are introducing this initiative.

Our Objective

  • Build a culture of receiving and contributing
  • Stay connected with our strong 34,000 strong alumni body
  • All talents to meet opportunity

Our Strategy

Our strategy

At the end of our 4 steps in 7 years' time, we will have established a sustained effort to grow and unite our alumni body 


"I hope the little seeds planted by the alumni can grow into a greater future
for our business school students."

- Alwin Low, class of 2004


BSA List

BSA Youth activities are organized by NUS BSA and spearheaded by the BSA List.

BSA Youth

The BSA List represents a select group of BSA Youth that exhibit leadership qualities
and commitment to the betterment of our Alma Mater. The BSA List runs in comparable
prestige to the Dean's List, where the BSA list helps to define achievement beyond
academic excellence. 

The BSA List is responsible for seeing through the 7 year cycle with the BSA Youth. 


"I think it is an exciting and promising initiative which benefits the students 
greatly by tapping on the experience and connections of the alumni network."

- Wilfred Hee, class of 2004


Appeal For Support

We need every alumni to play their part in realizing the harvard of Asia vision. We hope to invite alumni to either contribute their time to engage the BSA Youth, or to assist in sponsoring the BSA Youth event. 

Our expenditure today primarily involves sponsoring dinner buffets for the alumni and students participating in these BSA Youth events. 

Our activities may only become self-financing at the end of 7 years when the first batch of the BSA Youth are ready to contribute back to the program. In the meantime, we have to look to the generoisty of alumni to support our BSA
Youth Program. 

Please feel free to contact us.   

Lee Ming Hui
BSA Youth Director, NUS BSA
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.