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Janet Ang


After graduating in 1982, Janet Ang has spent over 30 years working at IBM and in 2001 became the first woman appointed as Managing Director of IBM Singapore. Today, she works as Vice President of Industry Solutions & Business Development.

When Janet was appointed in 2001, she was actually still on maternity leave. Her leadership journey included two stints of international assignments, one being in Tokyo and the other in Beijing. When asked about her work experience, Janet says, “I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow in my career with IBM, a global high-tech Fortune 50 company that is a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion, and advancement of women talent.”

She has been working at IBM since she graduated and believes that there are a few different ways to find success in your career. The first is working hard and applying industry knowledge and skills to your work. Another, is establishing and earning trust in relationships with clients and partners, as well as colleagues. Lastly, having clarity of your goals and priorities helps you manage time for effectively. She communicates her goals with those around because their understanding and support is going to be what helps make it possible.

Janet is the mother of four daughters and is grateful for her husband who has taken the lead in caring for their children. She advises undergraduates to pay attention to communication, collaboration, creativity, compassion, and adaptability. From her experience, she has learned the value of not limiting yourself because had she not have dared to venture into IT, or joined IBM at all, then who knows where her career would have taken her?

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