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Javin They Quan Wei


In 2014, two weeks after turning in his final paper, Graduate Javin They Quan Wei incorporated Common Suits. He is the Founder and Director of the company and was drawn to the market after looking at a number of factors.

He thought the size was decent since most 9-5 jobs required working men to be in business wear. The longevity of the clientele is ideal because they need business wear from their first day up until they retire. Javin has always enjoyed wearing suits and menswear is close to his heart. He has always felt empowered by a well-cut suit and wanted to make that the mission of his business to make other men feel empowered as well.

Javin took a gap year before university where he dabbled in start-ups. He also assisted fellow NUS Business School Graduate, Fu Yong Hong, with his start-up, Greendot. Javin credits Yong Hong as being someone who was very encouraging when he first started out with Common Suits. He definitely had challenges when he first started, such as quality control and shifting his pointing point. He was able to work the kinks out and today Common Suits has its own factory. Javin designs everything for the company himself and is the only shareholder. Javin says that the first three years of the business, he did not have much of a social life and spent very little time with others, but over time he has learned how to manage his personal like and time better.

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