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Katrina Tan


Working as an analyst, 2016 Honors Graduate Katrina Tan is currently in her third year at Credit Suisse, one of the biggest investment banking teams in Singapore. In IB, Katrina says, “It provides you with a wide breadth of exposure, even as a junior banker.”

Despite long hours and a busy three years, the job is fulfilling. She still finds herself learning new things everyday and enjoys getting to interact with senior management regularly, working on various client requests, and preparing the relevant analysis for the deal team and the client. IB definitely opens doors to various opportunities, whether you’re hoping to jump to private equity or other buy-side roles.

Despite the demanding hours and the misperception of it being “glamorous”, Katrina says IB is very rewarding and fulfilling. She is not too concerned about the future of the IB industry becoming automated because although automation can make things more efficient, at the end of the day, a banker needs to earn the trust and form a genuine relationship with the client. A good working relationship is best established with human connection, which is something technology is currently not able to completely replace or replicate.

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