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Kelvin Teo


After graduating in 2010 as Valedictorian, Kelvin Teo went on to co-found Funding Societies, a SME digital financing platform licensed and operating in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

 Kelvin graduated with a degree in Accountancy and participated in University Scholars Programme and NUS Overseas College during his time at NUS. Before Funding Societies, Kelvin’s first full-time role was with Accenture as a Business Analyst. He did not take the traditional route and jump into an accounting job after university because he mainly wanted to arm himself with a professional degree and accounting knowledge. Consulting is something he enjoys and it’s in line with his goals, so he chose a career in that. He worked at Accenture for a little over a year and then worked for McKinsey and subsequently KKR (Capstone) because they were interesting opportunities.

His time in the U.S. at Harvard University was the turning point for Kelvin and what inspired him to start Funding Societies. He attended a speech by Peter Thiel which encouraged him to research innovative companies in the U.S. He was passionate about peer-to-peer lending and he thought if they localised it into SME lending, it would impactfully solve a problem close to his heart. With his co-founder Reynold, he was drawn to learning more about the topic and, lo and behold, Funding Societies was founded.

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