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Kevin Goh


At the age of 18, 2016 Graduate, Kevin Goh, knew he wanted to work in finance. Working for others did not appeal to him, but he did not know exactly what he wanted to do. Now, Kevin works for AIA Singapore as a Financial Services Associate Director.

Kevin was drawn towards insurance after his father was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and passed away soon after. Kevin thought, had he had better and more comprehensive coverage then he may have lived. He was going into NS at that time and then to university. Having to fund his university fees and all other expenses on his own, he felt the full negative impact of not having proper insurance coverage. Kevin has had many mentors along the way. He learns from their experiences, and applies what may work for him. More importantly, he learns from their mistakes, and that has helped him avoid many pitfalls. Kevin says, “Learning from people who have walked the path before you is really a shortcut to growth and success.”

Kevin feels that the best way to juggle studies and work is doing more with the same duration that you have, by expending the right amount of energy for each task to achieve the intended result. He took advantage of studying on public transport on his way to meetings with clients. On the topic of having contacts and coming from a good background, Kevin feels that it isn’t a major factor. He did not start his career without any rich contacts to tap on, and although it may help in the beginning, it does not matter in the long term.

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