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Lee Junxian


After graduating in 2008, Lee Junxian went on to co-found Moovaz, a logistics-technology platform build on block chain, for individuals and companies relocating internationally. He now is the CEO and has had experience working in F&B. financial institutions, venture capital firm, and tech start-ups.

Junxian says, “The logistics industry is an interesting one with numerous unserved needs. This is especially so for Singapore, who has one of the world’s busiest and transshipment hub.” The idea for the company came from one of Junxian’s ex-classmates and now fellow co-founder. They identified a niche in the market and Junxian came into the picture with his previous experience in tech start-ups and assisted in market validation.

While at NUS, Junxian participated in Enactus where he was Club President. Through Enactus, he found his mentor who was a judge in one of the business case competitions. His mentor gave him the courage and confidence to pursue his ambitions which resulted in the development of Reedz cade, which became Junxian’s first real experience as an entrepreneur. His mentor also taught him the importance of networking and the sense of risk taking in order to succeed.

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