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Lee Keng Leong


2004 Graduate Lee Keng Leong stands by the ideals of figuring out what your passions are which you can do through elimination and past life experiences. FairPrice’s culture allows him to be in an environment where he can exhibit what he stands for which Is what attracts him to working there.

He currently works at the Deputy Director for FairPrice online. He shares similar personal values with FairPrice’s mission and vision which is something he feels is underrated when employees choose a company. He went into entrepreneurship to learn and gain experience. Since he was not convicted enough to change the world, distractions such as better job opportunities crept up especially when the going got very rough. He eventually exited the start-up/entrepreneurship route, but still has a renewed perspective on his journey, despite having mixed feelings.

Advice that Keng Leong would offer to students is to see things in totality and always consider the universe of something. Before making a decision, always put all options on the table. He also thinks it is valuable to define the 3 Important Things In Your Life Grid. He personally values abundance, happiness, and charity and says, “Find or do something that brings you happiness, makes you feel abundant and volunteer your service in one way or another.”

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