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Lim Yi Ning


After graduating in 2010, Lim Yi Ning went on to work in an HR consulting role, but now works as Head of Marketing at Amazon Singapore.

He chose this while he was still in the exploratory phase and since the opportunity came along he thought: “Why not give it a shot?”  He was curious about the behind the scenes within the civil service and it was a new team that was formed under the Prime Minister’s Office. Later, he moved into a managerial position at Redmart. He found that one of the key roles someone plays as a manager is the idea of sense-making for the team. You are responsible for providing context and meaning to your team members, so as to give them a sense of direction and purpose in their roles.

With his experience, Yi Ning has been able to develop a strong understanding of marketing. He recommends that anyone interested in the field should do an internship in the field to get a better idea of the various marketing specialisations. What he finds most satisfying in the field is seeing his work directly impact customers. It brings him great satisfaction to be able to influence a marketing campaign or product innovation in response to customer feedback. In terms of his greatest struggle, Yi Ning says “One of the hardest parts is translating customer feedback into product improvements.” He also noted how you have limited bandwidth and resources, so prioritising one group’s feedback means that other customers may be disappointed in the short-term.

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