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Lin Xun


Lin Xun’s investment journey started at 18 years old, the minimum age required to open a Central Depository (CDP) account. When her parents asked what she wanted for her 18th birthday, Lin Xun asked for shares. She further pursued her interest in Business & Finance at NUS Business School where she was President of the NUS Investment Club and co-Partner of the NUS Case Consulting Group.

A degree in Business was a natural path for her, given her keen interest in Finance. Deciding on NUS against an overseas education, she was drawn by the immense opportunities a local education offered, being right in the heart of a region where there is huge potential for growth. She did internships with International Enterprise Singapore, Private Wealth Management, and even at a small family-owned retail company in San Francisco. These varied internships led her to gather insights from the real world and continue to serve her to this day regardless of industry. Her takeaway from her wealth of internship experience is the importance of being proactive in reaching out to people for guidance and advice. To her, an internship is the best time to explore.

Fresh out of school as a Corporate Banker in a global bank when she graduated in 2012, she had to learn on the job, pick up skills and product knowledge, support senior Relationship Managers, meet clients, all while juggling different responsibilities. She also had the opportunity to attend a training programme in London, where graduate trainees from different countries congregated for induction, classroom learning and projects.

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