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Marissa Fuad


Marissa Fuad graduated in 2017, Honours, and currently works as a Premier Consultant at AIA Singapore. At NUS, she participated in Rag and Bizad Club, and became Rag Project Director.

At the same time, Kevin Goh was Vice Project Director. This is where the two met and they are currently a couple. What led Marissa to choose a career in the financial service industry was understanding the importance of money from a young age and witnessing her family face bankruptcy and loan problems. She originally looked into investment banking, but wanted a position with more flexible hours and work.

 Marissa believes that in every job or in life, it’s about finding the meaning and purpose in what you do. Having the attitude of establishing how you can contribute to society, your company, your family and friends is what will make you grow as a person. In terms of connections, Marissa believes that what is going to bring you far in life isn’t what you know or how well you do in school but more of who you know. She says, “Having strong, meaningful relationship will help you get further in life, and faster.” You will go far by broadening your social circle. Steps that Marissa gives soon-to-be graduates on planning for your career is, “You should have clear short, medium, and long-term goals. And you have to write them down.” There is a study that was done that compared people who wrote down their goals versus those who did not. And those who physically wrote down their goals, eventually achieved far more in life! Marissa says, “Don’t just focus on the first paycheck, look beyond the horizon. Ask yourself what is your passion, what is your purpose in life, and is this what I would like to do for the rest of my life?”

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