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Ernest Ang

After graduating in 2015, Ernest Ang packed up and moved to Stockholm, Sweden to work in marketing for Husqvarna Group. After a one-year entrepreneurship programme in Stockholm, Ernest knew he wanted to work overseas.


After graduating in 1982, Janet Ang has spent over 30 years working at IBM and in 2001 became the first woman appointed as Managing Director of IBM Singapore. Today, she works as Vice President of Industry Solutions & Business Development.

Chan Yi Wen

After graduating from NUS Business School in 2014, Yi Wen did not know that she will end up starting Content.co, a marketing platform that matches global companies with digital, marketing and content experts. She only knew that she wanted to combine her passion for creative arts with her education from NUS and past experiences.

Chen Qijian

For Chen Qijian, finance was a clear-cut choice. Between trading and navigating the market, he has always found excitement in the field. While studying, his interest in various modules such as Commodity Markets helped further his desire to start a career in finance. Chen graduated in 2017 with a BBA and currently works for Morgan Stanley.

Cheung Ho Yeung

After graduating in 2016, Cheung Ho Yeung now works as a Partner Manager at Facebook where he works on growing the China Ads business through Facebook’s partners. Ho Yeung has had experience in Consulting and Innovation Development.

Marissa Fuad

Marissa Fuad graduated in 2017, Honours, and currently works as a Premier Consultant at AIA Singapore. At NUS, she participated in Rag and Bizad Club, and became Rag Project Director.


Not only did Grace Fu gain her Bachelors degree in 1985, she went on to get her Masters in 1991. She chose accounting after seeing an advertisement about the many job opportunities in the accountancy industry, and thinking that it was similar to math, she was interested.


Fu Yong Hong spent his university days not only focusing on his studies, but also starting a business. After graduating in 2014, Yong Hong was able to fully dedicate his time to his business, Greendot, where he serves as CEO.

Gwee Shuo Xian

Since graduating in 2014, Gwee Shuo Xian has been working for VISA. He started with their two-year graduate programme and now works as a product analyst with the regional Consumer Credit function.

Joel Goh

After coming from a science-focused background, 2016 Graduate, Joel Goh, wanted to keep his doors open to various career paths so he chose business. He now is a Senior Consultant at Maersk Management Consulting.

Kevin Goh

At the age of 18, 2016 Graduate, Kevin Goh, knew he wanted to work in finance. Working for others did not appeal to him, but he did not know exactly what he wanted to do. Now, Kevin works for AIA Singapore as a Financial Services Associate Director.

Han Chung Heng

Now working as Senior Vice President, Systems at Oracle EMEA & JAPAC, Han Chung Heng spent the first 23 years of his career travelling the world and working at IBM. After graduating in 1992, Han was one of 50 new hires out of 5,000 applicants at the company.

Lee Junxian

After graduating in 2008, Lee Junxian went on to co-found Moovaz, a logistics-technology platform build on block chain, for individuals and companies relocating internationally. He now is the CEO and has had experience working in F&B. financial institutions, venture capital firm, and tech start-ups.

Thio Boon Kiat

Passion and interest and realising the importance of both is what led Thio Boon Kiat to pursue a career in business analytics. He graduated in 2017 and now works as an Assistant Manager in the Group Risk Management division of OCBC Bank.

Alexander Koh

Alexander graduated from NUS Business School in 2017 with a concurrent degree in Masters of Science (Management) and a Bachelors of Business Administration (1st Class Honours). He remains rooted to his alma mater through the NUS Entrepreneurial Village, connecting aspiring start-ups to illustrious alumni as mentors in their journey.


After graduating in 1990, Frank Koo has had a variety of experiences at different companies, which have led to his current position at LinkedIn as Head of Talent and Learning Solutions. Frank also gives back to the NUS Business School in his spare time as a volunteer for the Leadership Development Programme.

Howie Lau

Recently having joined IMDA in September 2018, Graduate of 1993 Howie Lau has racked up a variety of experience and expertise in his career. He has worked for Lenovo and IBM and was CMO and Head of Consumer Business at StarHub.

Lee Keng Leong

2004 Graduate Lee Keng Leong stands by the ideals of figuring out what your passions are which you can do through elimination and past life experiences. FairPrice’s culture allows him to be in an environment where he can exhibit what he stands for which Is what attracts him to working there.

Astrid Lim

Just like most undergraduates, Astrid did not have a fixed career goal in her first few years of university where she majored in Business Administration (Honours) and Economics. After trying out different summer and winter internships across different industries, she chanced upon Consulting in her second or third year, which she has since made her career after graduating in 2015.

Shawn Lim

After three years at Credit Suisse, 2014 Graduate Shawn Lim now works as an Associate Director at Julius Baer.

Sam Neo

Sam Neo is the Founder and Chief People Officer of People Mentality Inc. He graduated from NUS in 2012 with Marketing and Management specialisations. He was an inaugural recipient of the National HR Scholarship.

Jonathan Ng

After graduating in 2015, Jonathan went on to work as an Investment Banking Analyst with Deutsche Bank Corporate Finance. He now works as a Senior Associate within the Technology, Media, and Telecoms investments team at Temasek Holdings.

Vincent Ng

Not only has 2017 Graduate Vincent Ng established himself as the Junior Curator and Community Coordinator for A Good Space, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, but he has also co-authored the book, “Why You Should Fail”.

Lim Yi Ning

After graduating in 2010, Lim Yi Ning went on to work in an HR consulting role, but now works as Head of Marketing at Amazon Singapore.

Edward Sim Kok Peng

Despite originally planning on Finance, a question asked by one of Edward Sim Kok Peng’s professors is what led him to Operation Management. A 2016 BBA graduate, Edward is now an Assistant Manager of Customer Experience for RedMart.

Wen qi

Wen Qi was a political science student with a negative view towards businesses. As she puts it “Businesses are a necessary evil in a capitalistic society where big business interests perpetuate inequality in society as they seek profits and neglect ethical practices.

Willyam Octavianus Sanusi

Willyam Sanusi graduated in 2013 and currently works at Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore (SIES) as the Marketing Manager for Events and Retail.

Peter Seah

When Peter Seah joined Business Studies in 1964, it was actually still under the Department of Economics. In his second year, the Business school was formed and he applied to join. He completed his Bachelor’s in Business Administration and graduated in 1968.

Tan Wang Cheow

Tan Wang Cheow graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Accountancy from the National University of Singapore and is the Chairman and Managing Director of Food Empire Holdings Ltd, a food and beverage manufacturing company that boasts over 400 units of products under its name and a global distribution network that spans across 69 countries.

Fabian Tan

After graduating in 2010, despite being at the peak of his football career, Fabian Tan chose to move on to the corporate world. He received a job offer from Maersk Broker and decided it was time to hang up his boots.

Jazzy Tan

Jazzy Tan graduated in 2015 and now works as a technology recruiter at TENTEN Partners. She graduated in 3 years at NUS and during that time she worked part-time in a PR role for a lifestyle group.

Katrina Tan

Working as an analyst, 2016 Honors Graduate Katrina Tan is currently in her third year at Credit Suisse, one of the biggest investment banking teams in Singapore. In IB, Katrina says, “It provides you with a wide breadth of exposure, even as a junior banker.”

Peter Tay
(BBA Hons 1975, MBA 1987)

When the NUS Business School decided to give out the Special Service Award to deserving alumni who have contributed to the alumni community and the School, two names came up instantly – Mr Peter Tay (BBA Hons 1975, MBA 1987) and Mr Yeo Keng Joon (BSC Hons 1985).

Cassandra Teo

Although Cassandra majored in Marketing, she graduated in 2016 with a comparatively more generalist mindset and skills than her peers. She has a great interest in entrepreneurship and innovation which she pursued in her internships. Currently, she works in the A&E Operations unit of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital where she also helps to roll out new processes and services.

Kelvin Teo

After graduating in 2010 as Valedictorian, Kelvin Teo went on to co-found Funding Societies, a SME digital financing platform licensed and operating in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Lin Xun

Lin Xun’s investment journey started at 18 years old, the minimum age required to open a Central Depository (CDP) account. When her parents asked what she wanted for her 18th birthday, Lin Xun asked for shares. She further pursued her interest in Business & Finance at NUS Business School where she was President of the NUS Investment Club and co-Partner of the NUS Case Consulting Group.

Robert Yap

After graduating in 1977, Robert helped take over his family business, YCH Group, and transformed it into a supply chain powerhouse and the largest home-grown supply chain solutions company in Singapore.

Yeo Keng Joon
(BSC HONS 1985)

Similarly, Mr Yeo who also holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chemistry from the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia did not expect to win the award. “I’m humbled by this gesture,” he says.

Yeo Miu Ean

During the years in NUS, Ean was active in AIESEC which is an organization for students in economics and business. It was during an AIESEC AGM in her 2nd year where Ean met her husband Chua Hung Meng, a graduate of BBA Class of 81, who was attending the AGM as an Alumni member.

Fadilah Abdul Rahmen Zamawi

For Fadilah, doing some pro-bono consulting work for Conjunct Consulting was what led her to a career in consulting, despite graduating with an Accounting and Business Management degree in 2014.

Law Yin Zhi

Now working for PricewaterhouseCoopers as a Senior Associate, 2015 Graduate Yin Zhi chose to do an accounting degree because of the earning potential and how he could grow in field. He also chose Accountancy because, like Law and Medicine, it was a professional certificate.