Meet our Alumni

Peter Tay
(BBA Hons 1975, MBA 1987)

When the NUS Business School decided to give out the Special Service Award to deserving alumni who have contributed to the alumni community and the School, two names came up instantly – Mr Peter Tay (BBA Hons 1975, MBA 1987) and Mr Yeo Keng Joon (BSC Hons 1985).

Yeo Keng Joon
(BSC HONS 1985)

Similarly, Mr Yeo who also holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chemistry from the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia did not expect to win the award. “I’m humbled by this gesture,” he says.

Yeo Miu Ean

During the years in NUS, Ean was active in AIESEC which is an organization for students in economics and business. It was during an AIESEC AGM in her 2nd year where Ean met her husband Chua Hung Meng, a graduate of BBA Class of 81, who was attending the AGM as an Alumni member.

Tan Wang Cheow

Tan Wang Cheow graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Accountancy from the National University of Singapore and is the Chairman and Managing Director of Food Empire Holdings Ltd, a food and beverage manufacturing company that boasts over 400 units of products under its name and a global distribution network that spans across 69 countries.

Wen qi

Wen Qi was a political science student with a negative view towards businesses. As she puts it “Businesses are a necessary evil in a capitalistic society where big business interests perpetuate inequality in society as they seek profits and neglect ethical practices.

Alexander Koh - NUSBSA Alumni
Alexander Koh

Alexander graduated from NUS Business School in 2017 with a concurrent degree in Masters of Science (Management) and a Bachelors of Business Administration (1st Class Honours). He remains rooted to his alma mater through the NUS Entrepreneurial Village, connecting aspiring start-ups to illustrious alumni as mentors in their journey.

Astrid Lim - NUSBSA Alumni
Astrid Lim

Just like most undergraduates, Astrid did not have a fixed career goal in her first few years of university where she majored in Business Administration (Honours) and Economics. After trying out different summer and winter internships across different industries, she chanced upon Consulting in her second or third year, which she has since made her career after graduating in 2015.

Cassandra Teo - NUSBSA Alumni
Cassandra Teo
Although Cassandra majored in Marketing, she graduated in 2016 with a comparatively more generalist mindset and skills than her peers. She has a great interest in entrepreneurship and innovation which she pursued in her internships. Currently, she works in the A&E Operations unit of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital where she also helps to roll out new processes and services.
Chan Yi Wen - NUSBSA Alumni
Chan Yi Wen

After graduating from NUS Business School in 2014, Yi Wen did not know that she will end up starting, a marketing platform that matches global companies with digital, marketing and content experts. She only knew that she wanted to combine her passion for creative arts with her education from NUS and past experiences.

Lin Xun - NUSBSA Alumni
Lin Xun
Lin Xun’s investment journey started at 18 years old, the minimum age required to open a Central Depository (CDP) account. When her parents asked what she wanted for her 18th birthday, Lin Xun asked for shares. She further pursued her interest in Business & Finance at NUS Business School where she was President of the NUS Investment Club and co-Partner of the NUS Case Consulting Group.