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Peter Seah


When Peter Seah joined Business Studies in 1964, it was actually still under the Department of Economics. In his second year, the Business school was formed and he applied to join. He completed his Bachelor’s in Business Administration and graduated in 1968.

Peter’s vast experience includes working for Citibank, OUB, and ST Group. After graduating, he worked for an agency house covering pharmaceuticals as a sales executive. He was bonded having received a scholarship from them. He had a chance to manage a warehouse and learnt how to sell, how to execute marketing campaigns, and how to manage people older than himself. After having served his bond, a friend approached him with a role in Citibank. He took up his offer and started in the backroom doing basic work like processing checks. Eventually, he helped set up the Asian Dollar Desk, he went to the Philippines and New York, and was Country Head in Brunei. After nine years with Citibank, Peter joined Overseas Union Bank and he eventually became CEO of the company. He was then offered to be Group CEO of ST Group. This came with slight hesitation because he did not know if was capable of being in charge of a whole range of industries. He decided to go for it and enjoyed his time immensely because it felt like he had joined a whole new world. He then transitioned into being a board member for DBS Group Holdings and DBS Bank which is his current position.

Advice that Peter has for some students is to manage your ambitions and be content with what you have, wherever you are. If you are never content, you will never be happy.  His mother once told him, “You can never finish making all the money in the world.” He says, “Happiness is rarely equated to career success or wealth, it all boils down to looking into yourself and deciding what you should look out for in life.”

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