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Robert Yap


After graduating in 1977, Robert helped take over his family business, YCH Group, and transformed it into a supply chain powerhouse and the largest home-grown supply chain solutions company in Singapore.

Robert currently serves as Executive Chairman of YCH Group and helped turn the company around after graduating from NUS. What started as a small local passenger transportation company, Robert helped turn into a booming cargo transportation business. The company grew rapidly after the switch and extended logistics services such as freight warehousing management, and today YCH is globally recognised for their 7PL™ approach in seamlessly integrating supply chain strategy with execution. He was reluctant to originally join the family business because he felt that logistics was an unglamorous company. Before he joined, he was working at Funan Centre distributing Eagle computers.

Since taking over at YCH, Robert has made great strides in the business. The company now has 5000 employees in 100 locations in over 16 countries. They have award-winning supply chain solutions that go as far back as the 1980s and they also design proprietary software solutions, such as their Dock Management System and Warehouse Management System. Even through the challenges the business has faced, Robert says, “Every cloud has its silver lining”.

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