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Shawn Lim


After three years at Credit Suisse, 2014 Graduate Shawn Lim now works as an Associate Director at Julius Baer.

Out of college, Shawn had multiple offers from various financial institutions, but there were two major factors that led him to his decision. The first was the platform that Credit Suisse provided for his learning. Second was working with a manager that was willing to groom him and give him opportunities to grow. Shawn also achieved Credit Suisse APAC top employee (VP & below) for two consecutive years which he says he did through work ethic and attitude, alongside serendipity. He says, “If you show genuine desire to constantly improve and consistently deliver, the results will materialise. Add that with a positive attitude and the recognition for your work will eventually be shown.”

In terms of leadership, Shawn believes it is about being a leader to yourself, by being proactive and visionary in all that you undertake. With that being said, there are instances where you lead a team consisting of colleagues who are much more senior, he would influence positively by delivering above and beyond what he is asked of. In terms of work culture, he thinks that the culture is not as important as the team you are in. Put more emphasis on finding a cohesive and healthy team-based environment than firm-wide culture.

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