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Vincent Ng


Not only has 2017 Graduate Vincent Ng established himself as the Junior Curator and Community Coordinator for A Good Space, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, but he has also co-authored the book, “Why You Should Fail”.

He considers himself an aspiring changemaker and is actively seeking mentors who can guide him in his journey to create a positive impact for society. Originally, Vincent did not see himself in the social sector and was driven to become an entrepreneur. He devoted 3 years of long working hours and failures to a start-up and after they finally found a sustainable revenue model, he couldn’t stop feeling like something was not right. He left the partnership and felt lost. Eventually, working as a student consultant in Conjunct Consulting in NUS led him to a deeper understanding of the social sector in Singapore and he felt a calling towards it.

Vincent initiated the Happiness Circle and Singapore’s first Happiness Festival which was inspired by the World Domination Summit that he attended in the US. Speaking about the event, Vincent says, “At the Circles and the Festival, we created a safe space for different people to talk about happiness, its surrounding emotions, and to explore the guiding question: what makes a good life to me and how can I live it? I felt the dominant definition of success in wealth and grades is the root cause of the stress and anxiety we feel in Singapore. I wanted to create a platform for people to expand and find their own definitions of success.”

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