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Willyam Octavianus Sanusi


Willyam Sanusi graduated in 2013 and currently works at Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore (SIES) as the Marketing Manager for Events and Retail.

Initially, Willyam’s plan was to pursue a degree in their Medical School or Chemical Engineering, but his partial colour blindness did not all him to be in those faculties. He narrowed him options down to Business Administration and Accounting, but ultimately chose Business Administration because he felt that was more suitable. Despite intending to specialise in Finance, Willyam’s Marketing and HR modules exposed him to refreshing theories and concepts of business management and he really liked learning about them because they made him appreciate businesses in a brand new light.

Willyam did a couple of internships while studying, including Barclays and an insurance company. In his penultimate summer, Microsoft offered him a retail marketing internship and he enjoyed his time there so much that he decided to work part-time with them throughout his last year in school. After graduation, they offered him a full-time position. As a full-timer, he was in charge of marketing various components in the Asia Pacific region and had the privilege of travelling extensively, staying in each country for a few weeks. After a few months, his role evolved to a hybrid of HR and marketing. After nine months, he was called up by the Xbox team and was promoted to games category manager. After two years with Xbox, SIES approached him with an offer as he wanted to shift more into the role of hardware category manager. Challenges Willyam faced include gaining the respect and trust of his peers and subordinates. His career advancement has been much faster than average and he is relatively young compared to his coworkers. Another challenge he faced was the change in company culture when he switched from Microsoft, an American company, to Sony, a Japanese company.

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