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Yeo Miu Ean

During the years in NUS, Ean was active in AIESEC which is an organization for students in economics and business. It was during an AIESEC AGM in her 2nd year where Ean met her husband Chua Hung Meng, a graduate of BBA Class of 81, who was attending the AGM as an Alumni member. The couple together with their two teenage daughters has appeared in the front cover of the NUS Graduate magazine, which featured the volunteer work they do as a family. Ean and Meng work hard at building their family life and honing their parenting skills. The family believes that doing interesting projects together like hosting lunch parties at children’s home, delivering meals on wheels to elderly and other community services contribute greatly towards building the family bond. In year 2009, they took the challenge of hosting two rebellious Aussie teenagers for a week in a reality show that was eventually watched by over 1.5 million viewers in Australia. It was an exciting and enriching experience for the family who hopes to be able to inspire teenagers and parents to have good relationships.

Ean recalled that she graduated in a bad recession year similar to 2009. She is thankful that she started working at IBM right after graduation, then went on to work in HP and later became GM of Xcellink, a local IT outsourcing company spending over 20 years in the IT industry.

18 years ago with the arrival of the 2nd daughter and the family’s move to Hong Kong, Ean decided to work on a part-time and flexible work arrangement. With a strong belief that Work-Life Harmony is important both for the individual and family, Ean successfully implemented a variety of work-life harmony programs during her work in the local company. These programs and their corresponding impact on the company’s business results were featured in a TV documentary on work-life. She also implemented effective HR policies and programs to enable individuals to return to the workforce and retain key talent through creative flexible schemes.

Over the past 2 years as Director of the Employer Alliance, Ean has shared the benefits of work-life strategy and how the various programs contribute to business results with audiences from hundreds of companies. An articulate and eloquent speaker with personal experience in the challenges of implementing work-life programs, Ean shares her secrets to overcoming common challenges and bringing about a successful work-life implementation.

Ean’s strong interest in parenting motivated her to complete a Diploma in Family Life Education through a MCYS scholarship. In pursuit of her passion to promote work-life integration and family life education, Ean conducts regular workshops to train facilitators and individuals in the area of personal work-life effectiveness and parenting.

If you go to the Botanic Garden on Saturday mornings, you may just meet Ean and Meng taking their regular walk.

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