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Sunset Walk @ Rower's Bay

by Connie Ong,  BAcc (Hons) 1987

On the 14 May 2022, 6 BSA alumnus and 5 students members came together to walk 7km from Springleaf Nature Park through Lower Seletar Reservoir and Yishun Dam to end at Rower’s Bay.

This walk is special with many firsts:-

  • Firstly, it’s our first BSA walk post-COVID relaxation thus we could finally walk together as a group and take group photos without masks. 

  • It is also our first evening walk and the first one where we encountered rain.

  • And lastly, it’s also our first walk where we could organize a celebratory group dinner altogether at Seletar Country Club at the end of the walk - a Walk cum Food trail!!

The weather was crazy hot at 33 degrees when we were travelling to the trail, but we were so lucky that dark clouds started to fill the skies the moment we arrived at Springleaf Nature Park. So it turn out to be such a cool breezy walk all along Seletar River to Lower Seletar Reservoir. 

Lower Seletar Reservoir has a surface area of 3.6km2 and and shoreline length of 14.3km. Our walk took us from where Seletar River flowed into the reservoir from the west, then skirting the north east side where we pass the Lower Seletar park. It was at the heritage bridge of the park when the rains could not hold off anymore and came down; quickly our umbrellas went up! 

We were lucky that the rain was just a heavy drizzle and so we managed to walk all the way to Yishun Dam, which dams up the reservoir before it flows into Johor Straits, and then Rower’s Bay without getting too wet. The entire evening walk was in lovely cool weather, the only missing link was the sunset view - sadly, the sun was well hidden from us behind the rain clouds.

Regardless, we still managed to end the walk on a high - hungrily ate a hearty, tasty and laughter-filled dinner at Seletar Country Club. The outdoor sitting was just perfect for us to enjoy the cool evening breeze and the band; the rains had just stopped when we started our meal. All in all, we all enjoyed the walk, the dinner, the camaraderie, and I must say even the rain! Truly a memorable walk. 


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