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We Came, We Walked, We Conquered

by Goh Qian Hui, BBA 2021

On 28th August 2021, the BSA Board ladies and I walked 8km on a scenic and enjoyable trail along Southern Ridges. We gathered excitedly on a quiet Saturday morning to embark on a walk starting from HortPark. HortPark serves as an excellent park connector between Kent Ridge Park, Telong Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faber. The hike is situated near Southern Ridges and features easy trails and distinct footpaths suitable for beginner hikers like us.

If you go to the Wikiloc app and locate ‘NUSBSA Southern Ridge Trail’, you can easily follow it and enjoy the gorgeous bridges, scenic forest walks and even old colonial houses. If you happen to complete the trail, don’t forget to share your pictures on the NUSBSA Facebook page so that everyone can enjoy them with you.

Starting point: HortPark

Connie Ong (second from left), heading the BSA Walking Interest Group meticulously mapped 8km hiking route with key checkpoints such as Alexandra Arch, Henderson Waves, Mount Faber Cable Car Station, Black & White Colonial Houses along Pender Rd, Gillman Barracks and back to HortPark.

At around 7.30 am, four enthusiastic hikers, decked in our BSA Charity Run t-shirts, began our scenic trek at Alexandra Arch (a bridge connecting HortPark and Telok Blangah Hill). 

Thankfully, we were greeted by good weather and breezy winds as we trekked along the Forest Walk. As we conquered the elevated Forest Walk trail, we managed to catch a glimpse of lush greenery and picturesque scenery.

Walking on the Alexandra Arch


Beautiful scenery captured on the Forest Walk Trail

Shortly, we reached the foot of the Telok Blangah Hill Park, where we enjoyed the serenity of nature. It was another short and manageable climb before we reached the hilltop leading to the Henderson Waves. While we were conquering the height, we passed by fitness corners and therapeutic gardens that served as short respites to recharge and refresh.

Our efforts paid off handsomely as we finally reached the iconic Henderson Waves, 36 metres above Henderson Road. We took a customary photo on this artistic wooden structure which mimics the undulating and curvy shape of a wave. Standing on the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, we managed to capture a bird's eye view of the city skyline, and it was truly breathtaking!

Moving on, we arrived at Mount Faber peak. Conquering the Mount Faber peak via foot definitely brought about a sense of achievement to us! The cozy hilltop has a couple of viewpoints that allow us to immerse in the city's scenic views.

We ended our 2-hour walking trail at Silver Garden, a beautiful space filled with thickets of trees and a variety of flora and fauna.

Silver Garden at HortPark

Brunch at Canopy @ Hortpark

After clocking a grand total of 8km, we rewarded ourselves with a brunch session at Canopy HortPark. Canopy HortPark is a garden-themed cafe that offers a unique dining experience by allowing customers to connect with nature. We enjoyed the sense of tranquility as we slowly savoured our brunch in this alfresco area surrounded by lush greenery.

Overall, the walk was very traversable, and it offers lots of mother nature and instagrammable elements. If you are a nature lover or walking enthusiast, do join us on our monthly hikes to explore the garden city together. A walking adventure is waiting for you!

8km Walking Trail

  1. Alexandra Arch
    • A distinctive 80m-long bridge that spans across Alexandra Road. In the evening, LED lights display a kaleidoscope of colours across the bridge.

  2. Henderson Waves
    • A wood-panelled bridge with wave-like structures built to improve connectivity between nature areas.

  3. Mount Faber Cable Car Station
    • At 100 metres above sea level, the Mount Faber peak offers a panoramic view of Singapore’s waterfront and the Southern Islands.

  4. Pender Road
    • An enclave of colonial black and white heritage houses occupied by expatriates.

  5. Gillman Barracks
    • A contemporary arts cluster that houses international art galleries, trendy restaurants and the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore.


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