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Home Cooks in Singapore

by Steven Yeo, APEX-MBA 2004

Early last year, gourmets or foodies alike were abuzz with excitement. They were looking forward to new food trends from atas restaurants, new photogenic dishes, breakout cuisines, and new-fangled plant-based proteins. But the Covid-19 pandemic sparked more than one year of disruption instead.

As the pandemic continues, individuals and families have settled into routines that involve more home cooking. This shift is driving a change for food retailers, and manufacturers cater to their customers’ needs with options that make home cooking simpler, faster, and healthier -- and bring much-needed variety to the menu.

I had started to do more home-cooking as well, the same for many other Singaporeans. Here are some of my dishes, and I hope to share the recipes with all of you soon.

Figure 1 Abalone Nonya Chap Chye

Figure 2 Lemon Butter Baked Chicken

Figure 3 Avocado Prawn on Wanton Cup with Special Sauce

Figure 4 Japanese Cha Siew, Onsen Egg and Chicken Noodles

Do support our local home-cooks


One of the best home cooks I know in Singapore is an ex-marketing professional Soph who left her successful career to pursue her passion for cooking.  As Soph always says, “we feast with our eyes first.” “Tiaptiap” is a colloquial reference to taking nibbles or tiny bites of everything on the dining table, and she invites all to come aboard this voyage to experience an endless sea of flavours, scents, and textures. Soph offers the Best Pandan Chiffon cake in Singapore and melt-in-the-mouth chilled muah chee.

Most recently, Soph was the only sole appointed Chief de Cuisine for the recent Temasek Board of Directors Executive Luncheons hosted by Ms. Ho Ching, CEO of Temasek Holdings, for the entire month of April earlier this year.

Figure 5 Ms Soph

Figure 6 Pandan Chiffon Caske


This home-based business cooked and delivered the cold crabs in a nicely vacuumed packed bag to ensure freshness. The meat is firm and sweet, while the orange roe is full of flavours.

Figure 7  Luscious roe-filled cold crab 

Figure 8 Vacuumed packed cold crabs


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