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Catching Sunrise @Marina Bay

by Connie Ong,  BAcc (Hons) 1987

We all woke up at the wee hour of 25th September morning to hurry down to Gardens by the Bay (GBB) main car park. Fortunately, our efforts were well rewarded as we were greeted by a lovely orange sky as the sun rose at 6.53am that day. It was such a glorious sight as we walked via Helix Bridge to Marina Promenade to fully view Marina Bay, adorned by the beautiful sunrise.

Gorgeous sunrise view along Marina Bay

This second BSA walk attracted 9 alumni and friends. We were separated into "Macho Group A", led by BSA President Chua Hung Meng and assisted by past President Peter Tay and "Fun Group B", led by me, Connie Ong. We strictly kept to the max 5 pax allowed for each group and ensured the groups walked apart.

Macho Group A vs Fun Group B

7km walking trail

This walk at Marina Bay was not just picturesque but historically significant too. During the 1800s, this waterfront served as the point of entry for visitors and immigrants to Singapore. Then in 1971, Singapore embarked upon an ambitious land reclamation project which saw a total of 360ha of prime land reclaimed for development. Marina Bay and Kallang Basin were dammed up by Marina Barrage to become Singapore's 15th reservoir, providing water supply, flood control, and new lifestyle attraction.

The walk took more than 7km, starting from GBB, going around the marina, and returning to GBB. The key attractions along the way include:-

1. Gardens by the Bay
It's an impressive 101ha nature park in central CBD Singapore. It was part of the nation's plan to transform Singapore into a "City in a Garden", beautifully built with many attractions, including Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and Super Trees.

2. Helix Bridge
It's a pedestrian bridge designed by Aussie firm Cox Architecture with an astounding double helix DNA-like design that has attracted a lot of attention. LTA claims it is a world first. It also crosses the marina and has strategically located viewing platforms that provide stunning views of Singapore's skyline.

3. Marina Promenade
This is a park that links Helix Bridge to Kallang Riverside Park in the north. When you walk along the promenade, you will see the Singapore Flyer and the venue for Singapore Grand Prix.

4. Benjamin Sheares Bridge
This bridge crosses the Marina Reservoir. It is unique because it carries both vehicles and pedestrians who can walk on the designated path alongside the highway and take in the stunning view of Marina Bay.

5. Marina Barrage
As mentioned above, it was built across the mouth of Marina Channel to create Singapore's 15th reservoir with a catchment area of 10k ha. It has a very informative Visitor Centre. You can go up to its roof garden for picnicking and kite flying.

Make sure you stop and soak in the view, it's stunning

I have documented our walk today in Wikiloc apps under the name "NUSBSA Catching Sunrise @Marina Bay". Once you are at GBB main car park, turn on Wikiloc and press "Navigate Trail" to let it guide you through this entire 7km walk. It will take you from GBB to Artscience Museum and Helix Bridge, where you will get many good photo opportunities there. At the end of Helix Bridge, remember to go down the flight of stairs on the left to get you seamlessly to Marina Promenade.

Photo-taking opportunity at Artscience Museum

Marina Promenade is an easy walk. Do not go under it when you get near the part under Benjamin Sheares Bridge, but turn left instead. You need to use the Wikiloc tracker to guide you through a parking area to the stairs that will take you up Benjamin Sheares Bridge. It's easy to miss, so do keep a good watch out for it.

Love this view on Benjamin Sheares Bridge

At the end of the bridge, take the stairs down and walk to Bay East Garden walk all along the Bay. You will find this place really lively with lots of people coming here to walk, run and cycle. The view of GBB, MBS and the CBD is gorgeous from here. With so many perfect photo opportunities. Walk all the way until you see the Barrage and turn into it. From there, it is an easy walk back to GBB.


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