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Hiking with Kids

by Lai Wai Kit,  BBA 2010

Our latest adventure took us to Bukit Brown Cemetery. There was so much history in the place – the rich and prominent from a century ago marked their contributions to society on their tombs at Bukit Brown Cemetery.

Behind the cemetery, there was a hidden trail that opened into “avatar trees” – vegetation that towered over us and looked down menacingly. For a moment, we even forgot that we were in Singapore!

As we headed further into this trail, we had to skirt around mangrove puddles. Some highlights included watching the little ones converse in monkey language with actual monkeys, and we even stumbled upon “ancient relics” of vehicles from the early 1990s.

We often get the question “how do you navigate such trails with the kids” – and to be honest, they are the ones who usually point us to interesting artefacts from their vantage point – for example, a snail in the middle of the road for us to rescue.

Of course, trekking with five means packing for five – water, water, water. Even in Singapore, never underestimate the need to pack extra water just in case. This came in handy when we were lost off-the-trails at Bukit Batok Hillside Park. The extra water also came in handy when a bottle tumbled out of grasp from one of the little palms.

Our Singapore sun also bites hard – we wake early morning to avoid the glaring sun. If the bed inertia is too strong, evening walks work out nicely too.

Lastly, our little ones look to us to learn how to embrace nature. Safety first, but anything else, a little dirt won’t hurt. As they say – the mud will wash off, but these memories will last a lifetime!


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